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Anonymous asked: When are you updating the gregory van der wiel story ?

probably tomorrow :)

Wild Attractions

Chapter 6 A Glimpse Of Him

Soundtrack: Click Here

Anonymous asked: thank you :)

no problem :)

Anonymous asked: hey u gonna update xoxox

tonight i’ll probably publish a few chapters to make up for lost time ;)

Anonymous asked: Hey can u make another story about karim benzema because I loved useless attraction sooo much ?

i’ll think about it :)

Anonymous asked: are you going to update today? please

I shall try :)


His true colours shine through here and anybody who claims that America is neutral in this, needs to watch this.

Anonymous asked: r u gonna update

i shaaaaaaaall tomorrow :)

Anonymous asked: Can you make an new story about ibrahim afellay? Love your story's x

ehhh i shall think about it x

Crossing The Boundaries (State Of The Art)

Anonymous asked: please update miss you:(

i shall soon :)

Wild Attractions

Chapter 5 Like A Burden

Written In Scars

Chapter 22 Make It Up To Me

Anonymous asked: thank you so much , luv ya :)

love you too :)

Anonymous asked: are you gonna update written in scars?luv ur story :)

i shall update toniiiiiiiiight ;)