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everything-and-anything-goes asked: Hi! When you update written in scars and/or crossing the boundaries would you mind letting me know? I love your stories, you're an amazing author!!!

Both will be in the summer, thankyou so much for reading my stories! :3

Anonymous asked: can you please start earlier to making stories? 0:) ♥♥♥

I’ll try my best dearie :3


Guys, I’M SOOOOOOOO SORRY for not updating at all like i’ve died or something. Once my A2 studies finish I PROMISEEEE i will finish what i have started and the one shot requests xoxox

Anonymous asked: are you still alive we miss your story's !!! please make a story about afellay or van der wiel ?! we miss your storiessss !!!!! xxxxxxxx

I will be updating in the summer, i’ve got too much work! :)

Anonymous asked: Why don't you update your stories??? I miss them ... would you please write a another story about gregory van der wiell?!! thanksss♡♥♡

I’ll try to :)

Hi love, i loove your stories, so maybe you could do a Moritz Leitner one shot, or a story with him? Xxxx

My name is Alessandra

Anonymous asked: When is your next update???xxxx

I’ll see :)

Anonymous asked: please write a another story about ibrahim afellay? Love it

Hahaha I’ll think about it :)

Suited Attractions (Useless Attractions Sequel)

Chapter 1 Under The Same Roof

Chapter 2 Bitter History

Chapter 3 Playing Games

Chapter 4 Better Than The Bride

Anyway guys, this is sorta of an experiment, TELL ME IF YOU LIKE ITTT OR NOT! Just general feedback! Te amo xoxox

Useless Attractions


Guyssss, its been one hell of a ride! I finally finished it BUT DONT WORRY, THERES A SEQUEL TO THIS BUT ITS ABOUT THEIR DAUGHTER AND A MADE UP FOOTBALLER, anywayyyy keep your eyes open :3

Anonymous asked: Today is the day i think ! You will update Useless Attraction .. Wont you ?

I will, I will :3

Anonymous asked: Hi cutie where can i read your stories?? I cant find them, please help!!! ;-)

click on the library page

HI, i want to ask you if you can do a Daniel Agger story, my name is Emma!:-)
Love your stories!!

Anonymous asked: It's been over two months now and yet you have not updated Written In Scars. I am bothered because you have not announced that you will be taking a hiatus, and yet you're still updating your tumblr blog daily. Will you ever update ever again? When will the next chapter be released? Please. Please. I'm begging you. I need Dick Wiel in my life.

Fine fine fine….guys Saturday 21st I will update all my stories

Anonymous asked: You havent updated Useless Attraction for Like 1282669276720 years ! can you update please ?!

I willllllllllllll :3